Fleet management software

Fleet Management Software

Fleet manafment can be perhaps the most tedious and asset serious parts of a business. Knowing the area and dealing with the action of a whole variourty of vehicles continuously is amazingly tedious. Figuring out any information accumulated, and utilizing it to design future tasks is another work in itself.

Luckily, fleet Tracking’s managment arrangements are here to assist organizations with further developing effectiveness and efficiency while setting aside cash as well. The Fleet Management App from Fleet Tracking dispenses with administrative work and keeps all fleet archives in a single safe spot.


There are loads of cerebral pains that an fleet managment can cause the executives organization might confront that cost the business both time and cash. The executives arrangements from Fleet Tracking following all assistance to make these difficulties more reasonable for any business. The rundown beneath subtleties simply few things that Fleet Tracking can assist with:

  • Lost drivers
  • Servicing
  • maintenances
  • Inefficient route planning
  • Fuel usage & expenses
  • Vehicle leasing
  • Vehicle sales
  • Road accidents
  • Insurance costs and claims

By using our car, HGV and van tracking technology and software, fleet managers can ensure they’re getting the most out of their assets.

The process is simple too; our GPS vehicle trackers can be fitted to most vehicles, which then use GPS to relay their location to our servers where the information is stored. Data is available for customers to view over the internet via a desktop, tablet or smartphone, meaning it can be accessed at any time and from any location in the world. Fleet managers can oversee day-to-day asset fleet management activities in real-time, and also historical data to help inform where particular drivers need to improve, or which routes may be inefficient, for instance.

Our RAM Assist fleet management software app is licence based and registration is quick and easy. The app is simple and free to download from the App Store or Google Playstore. Within a matter of minutes a fleet manager can have all tools at their disposal to help run their vehicles with more organisation and efficiency.