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Benefits of fleet tracking

Fleet Tracking GPS fleet software monitors your vehicle and allows you to track fleet in real-time so you don’t have to worry about stressing where your vehicle may be. Regardless of whether you are a SME or a huge venture business you are probably going to experience similar difficulties. Realising how your representatives are performing and utilising fleet tracking will assist with expanding efficiency. Fitting fleet tracking devices on your fleet will allow you to measure performance in many ways from the comfort of your own home.


what makes fleet tracking the best gps organiSation

Track Manager from us here at Fleet Tracking is one of the market chiefs in GPS fleet
tracking. The system is not difficult to use for the drivers and fleet
managers. It helps them with getting to their targets while cutting waste and boosting capability. Our fleet tracking devices help you with increasing head space, by means of automating correspondence and reporting.

By working each asset closer to its potential you can respond to customers speedier, cut fuel charges and may even have the choice to reduce fleet size. Small changes make a difference. 

Our Fleet Tracking GPS positioning systems will always drive proficiency which can be extraordinarily improved. With 24-hour tracking utilising fleet tracking telematics you have full perceivability on whether your drivers are attaching the ideal routes.

 You can even assist your drivers with refocusing all the more rapidly on the off chance that they get lost in transit to their next objective


There are an entire host of advantages to utilising our fleet tracking resource following. Here’s a far reaching rundown of why fleet tracking is one of the top organisations for GPS Fleet Tracking in the UK:

  • Efficient routing
  • Closest unit job allocation
  • Complaint identification and handling
  • Accurate ETAs
  • Cutting down journey times
  • Reducing private use
  • Re directing lost drivers
  • Chopping down admin time
  • Verifying timesheets
  • Speedy, customer billing



With 24-hour tracking fleet telematics you have full visibility on drivers, ensuring optimum routes are used and if idling is an issue.


Fleet Tracking will assist you reduce fuel costs, skip unnecessary journeys and even decrease the private use of your fleet vehicles.


Our intelligent fleet management system is easy to use, fully customisable and provides you with flexible reporting.


Fleet Tracking are regularly scored highly for exceptional customer service and voted as one of the best tracking companies in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managing a fleet of company vehicles can be an arduous and time consuming task for any fleet manager. We involved our customers when creating our fleet management products to ensure every feature we added would be a requirement and a solution for the customer.

Fleet Tracking have a market leader vehicle tracking system called TRACK MANAGER that includes various systems and products for fleet management.We install our GPS Tracking across your fleet within your budgets. Our App named TRACK MANAGER  is a fast on the go solution where you can contorl the fleet and keep on top. Fleet managers can monitor and be alerted to speed, out of hours use etc. Its not only GPS Tracking. We can link the Dash cams into the GPS System so you are able to recover footage of live incidents and see your driver LIVE on your phone or screen. 

There are multiple reasons for tracking fleet vehicles including;

  • Keep your customers at the forefront as they pay the bills. Let them know when items will arrive.
  • Risk to your organisation is always an issue and we are always looking to reduce risk of reputation to you. Using the system to monitor full driver behaviour is essential is this challenge. This not only protects the driver from allegations but the drivers are aware of their obligations to you as the employer. Out of ours usage is one of the highest in terms of financial loss and this is automatically monitored. 
  • Road Traffic collisions are one of the most expensive losses to your company with over 65% of claims being a 50/50 settlement. This is simply easy to monitor with driver behaviour reporting which is automatic. Also linking Dash Cams into the Fleet Platform is a simple procedure and reduced claims and losses for 69%. 

We are constantly looking to make improvments and our in house software development team design to the customer needs. We are not just a GPS Provider. We intergrate our systems so for example dash cam footage can be viewed live on your phones or computers. We also integrate when required into your systems. An example being our data servers also send GPS positioning to amazon for courier services. 

We don’t HIT and RUN. We supply and install the GPS equipment and then support you to get the best from it. We will provide where required specific help videos and online remote support at no extra charge. 

100%…. Our customers can vouch for this. We can put you in touch with small and large companies that use our system. They cut fuel and overheads and some reduce their insurance premiums. Having our systems in place in a no brainer. 

Fleet Tracking is not expensive. Yes it’s worked out on a business by business case for supply and installations BUT our monthly subscription which has NO TIE in period is always the same for each customer. Please ask us for details by filling in our online contact form. We wont let you down with Tracking or service. 

We will arrange with you suitable times to complete the installations across the country. We are always competitive so this is why we price on a case by case basis. The process is quick and painless. We understand time is money so often complete overnight installations to keep you on the road.